Issue Four


Gardner Dorton — Litany of Summertime Forgetfulness

Gretchen Rockwell — Elegy

Matt Mitchell — testosterone

Melissa Lozada-Oliva — Watching Selena’s Open-Casket Funeral

D. Keali‘i MacKenzie — Salt Lick

Irteqa Khan — râth & rūmī comes to dinner

Shay Alexi — Ode to Bottoming

Ugonna-Ora Owoh — Binary

Raymond Luczak  — Fantastic Archaeology: Haibun

Brittany Lee Frederick — How’d you get that scar? & Ekphrasis on the Coat of Arms I Inherited from the Plantation Master

s.c. bostwick — reverse dysphoria

D.A. Navoti — 11 Year Old Bride

Stephanie Ginese — on a sunday, undertow, & black hole spawning

Orlantae Duncan — Queer Alchemy: The Boy, The Buds, & Bird

Mat Wenzel — Ode to My Sink Moths

Aimee Herman — down in the south where they take parts of you away

Carter Shocket — I dreamt

Rob Colgate — Prince Duplex

Kunjana Parashar — heirloom & poem for the crepuscular millennial

Georgia Hertz — Define: Dream & The Bribe

Robin Gow — Get your hands off me, I have a right to be here

Divya Iyer — The Tuesday Principle


Brian Michael Barbeito — Lake Birds

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