Issue Two


Rebeca Flores – “No dreaming here please” & “Krystal Cantú”

Bat St. Chip – “web” & “sleeping gal”

Laura Hetzel – “Kyle, 2018”

Tor Lowell – “Stillness”


Joanna C. Valente – “Elvis Impersonator”

Erin L. Cork – “Real”

K. Noel Moore – “Naming Ritual”


Terrence Abrahams – “On the first day of spring”

Lea Anderson – “the carousel” & “monologue of a jezebel (in five parts)”

Khalisa Rae Thompson – “Reclaiming Our Phenomenal Bones”

ren hlao – “sumac” & “nettles”

Akif Kichloo – “Horrors Of My Childhood Horrors” & “My Father Says Poetry Will Not Pay My Bills, Clinical Practice Will”

Timothy Rico-Storey – “Thoughts While Taking a Piss in the Men’s Room at the Atlantic House in Provincetown, MA”

Danez Smith – “rose” & “gay cancer”

Jody Chan – “the podcast defines nostalgia” & “supporting evidence, seventeenth floor”

Brooke Tapia – “The Daughterless Collapse”

Delany Lemke – “small town ses-teen-a” & “A poem in which I try to talk about being queer in the rural midwest and I just end up talking about deer again”

sally burnette – “why american policy is leaving millions hungry (Washington Post)” & “christian extremists ‘let their baby starve to death’ (The Week)”

Sarah A. O’Brien – “Sometime Before Seattle”

Jennifer Greenberg – “A Passive Aggressive Filibuster for Adulting” & “Our House” & “For a Child Leaving”

Aria Pahari – “Reflexive” & “Torch Light”

Ronny Ford – “The Slowest Thing”


T. Guzman – “On Gummy Bears–Things Necessary and Unnecessary”

Elliott Bradley – “A Mother’s Prayer”

Alex Clark – “Lightbulb boy”

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