Issue One



OHAB TBJ – “Aiysha”, “something just like this”
Sean Johnson – “Uncle Dizzle”
Cristina Massieu – “Itzel”
Maggie O’Brian – Untitled
ReVerse Butcher – “An Heirloom Child”


Ruben Reyes – “ICEcream”
Michelle Ceely – “In the Backyard Where We Parted with Monogamy”
Marisa Crane – “The Birthday Cake”
Chris Records – “Self-Portrait with Gold and Shadows”
Andrea Salvador – “Shopping List For Hard Times”


An Interview with Christopher Soto

Dakota Garilli – “Anthem for Fags”
Deon Robinson – Three Poems
Sam Pittman – “This Gymnasium”
Sean Johnson – “Claudia”, “Black Girl”
Ethan J. Murray – “memory returns”
Vanessa Maki – “…then burn”
Mateo Lara – “Winged-Man & His Stars”
David Bankson – “On the Oscillation of Light”
Cora Ruskin – “Double”
Marilee Goad – “Braided Anchors”, “What Does Homosexual Mean?”
C.T. Salazar – Three Poems
Logan February – “On Nature”
Arielle Tipa – “psychotria elata”
Afieya Kipp – “A.V., Whom I’ve Dreamt”
B.A. O’Connell – Visual Poem
Ariel Francisco – “Poem Written on My 28th Birthday”
Dana Alsamsam – “Chrysalism”, “Mother’s Day”
Maya Williams – “The Words We Wear”
Caroline Grand-Clement – “55555”, “the signs as things that have eaten me”
SaraEve Fermin – “When the woman says ‘but at least you can pass'”
Brian Sonia Wallace – “bareback poetry for a prep age”
Riley Leight – “summer body”, “i don’t blink”
Kyle Marbut – “Late Night”, “Setting for a Fairytale”
Lake Vargas – “Exodus”
Wanda Deglane – “These Hips, This Hunger”
Alex Vigue – “GERD”


Mateo Lara – “Hellmouth”
Kimberly Smith – “Why I Cry”
Holly Pelesky – “Mouth”
Tai Farnsworth – “We Are Us and Then There Are Other People”
Nina Fosati– “Honestly, It Put Me Right Off My Luncheon”

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