Vanessa Maki

…then burn

what ways do you like it?  / strawberry sweet ? / or bitter like a glass of tonic water / still lingering inside your mouth / just like swapping spit / in a dark room/ hands finding crevices / hands finding chests/ hands finding hands / the type of sex you don’t keep hushed / that’s bold of you / & it’s bold of you / if love is folded into the lust / it burns like a thick blanket / flopped over a body / during the middle of summer/ so if it’s love / on top of thigh clutching lust / that turns your skin inside out / then burn / let yourself burn beneath the sheets / on top of them / all over them

Vanessa Maki is a queer writer, artist & other things. She’s full of black girl magic & has no apologies for that. Her work has appeared in various places like Really System & others. She is also forthcoming in a variety of places. She’s founder/EIC of rose quartz magazine & is involved in other spaces as well.  Follow her twitter & visit her site .

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