Issue Three


An Interview with Jesse Rice-Evans


James Collier – “queerwreath” & “the doctrine of non-binaryism”

Andrés Hernández – “Things Fall Apart”

The Cy’On Collection – “The Creation of Land and Air”


K.B. Carle – “The Last Pirouette” & “Sausage People”

Monique Quintana – “exo”

Gustavo Barahona-Lopez – “Grandfather’s Chickens”

Rebecca Burke – “The Five Ws” & “Cyclical Disruption”


Lauren Saxon – “Self Portrait: On Blackness”

Joe Andrews – “I’m Looking at the Big Sky”

Donte Collins – “Duplex: Dendrology”

Leylâ Çolpan – “Mahrem”

Preeti Vangani – “Stuffed karela (bitter gourd) recipe: Begin by halving the body.”

Faylita Hicks – “Tinder” & “The Kids are Gonna be Alright”

Lyd Havens – “Sonnet for all the flowers not yet in my hands”

Prince Bush – “I Bury Her Alive” & “When my Medicine Goes Up by Twenty”

 Kai River Blevins – “Existentialism is Just a Word”

David Hanlon – “After reading gay sex will be punishable by stoning to death in Brunei”

Quintin Collins – “Obama’s Tan Suit” & “Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Motherfucker'” & “Black History Month”

Torey Akers – “How to Recover Touch, An Anti-Infographic”

Gustavo Barahona-Lopez – “Home, a Becoming” & “To Dream is to Mourn”

Allison Albino – “Curse You”

Katrina Smolinsky – “Broken Ocean”

Josefine Stargardt – “running into her” & “hag”

Prem Sylvester – “The Futility of Being a Rice Bag Convert”

E. Kristin Anderson – “But We Knew One Thing”

Ben Kline – “Missing Things” & “Be a Good Boy”

Kailah Figueroa – “june 4th, new york city”

Dagmawe Berhanu – “Esak”

Quinn Lui – “meatshop in midwinter”

Hannah Waldman – “Algae” & “carving the staircase”

Meg E. Griffitts – “When I Was a Wetland” & “Before You”

Sally Geiger – “Mosquito”

Hillary Martin – “Father I Bring”

Leslie Joy Ahenda – “Next Time, Someone Kind” & “I Can’t Sleep Without Watching Someone”

Conor Scruton – “Morphology 2”

Jarrett Moseley – “Fixing” & “{——}”

Lucas Wildner – “Ode”

Trenna Sharpe – “Bent Double”

Danielle Rose – “Rachel Wight Not as an Empty Nothing Creature c. ~ 1647”

Tyler Dalzell – “if he asks for a kiss, kiss him” & “trans body / disabled body / radical statement”

Rebecca Otter – “Midrash for the shuttle at 7:53”


Elspeth Wilson – “The Happy Haunting”

Ashely Adams – “An Interview with Rachel Carson”

Keegan Lawler – “The Bench”

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