Ohab TBJ


something just like this

something just like this.jpg

OHAB TBJ is a Nigerian born visual artist & illustrator. His creations often utilize intricate lines, patterns and designs often found in Ankara fabric. TBJ has featured in several exhibitions within the USA, as well as some African countries. To mention a few: AFROFRONTAL, Washington DC, 2016. AFRICA FASHION WEEK LA, 2016. PANORAMA, LAGOS, 2016. AFROPUNK Festival, Brooklyn, 2016. His works have appeared in FASHION ILLUSTRATION AFRICA, A New Generation (Shokopress, 2016), HOW DO I LOOK SOUTH AFRICA (E online Africa, 2017-Present), and BOSTON ACCENT LIT (Issue 13, 2018). You can find him on Instagram at @u_tbj and on Twitter at @ohabtbj

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