Caroline Grand-Clement

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the signs as things that have eaten me

ARIES: an absence, half-pronounced. one foot out the door, the other latching on to a fatherhood shaped like the same christmas gifts every year.

TAURUS: an unnamed guilt renamed after my sister & the time i heard her crying through the walls, unable to keep our world from falling apart— a lost goodbye.

GEMINI: a first flower. wishes spent on dandelions & hearing your hair whisper what a waste to the seeds caught in the winds.

CANCER: a running track, lanes streaked with tears & breathlessness. i never learned the word for not knowing how to fly.

LEO: a cricket’s song in the pines. birds released to the hunt— an impossible liberation. marble betrayal in the cold. there’s never anywhere left to flee.

VIRGO: a cut-off tongue diving down a raspy throat. promise to wear my leather jacket when we meet again, if only you wear your porcelain teeth.

LIBRA: an ovarian cyst full of sleeplessness & hope. left hands rubbing sidewalk chalk off the dark side of the moon. eyes that obey the tide & look away too fast.

SCORPIO: a hollowed-out ghost knocking against the porch. too much candy to fill the holes drilled into my sorrow bones.

SAGITTARIUS: a forgotten pencil sharpener. lines that run deep around lips pulled too tight. a single black hoodie hanging on the skeleton of those who never dared to exist.

CAPRICORN: a handful of dirt thrown into a well. bottles strewn across the floorboards of a dimly lit garage. winter is the truest stereotype of bitter warmth.

AQUARIUS: a jacuzzi filled with snow. a cabin in the lost fogs of forgetting— lighting fire to the palms of our feet to see who ran away the farthest.

PISCES: a phone call to the cops. eighty-two birds screeching through the glass about poetry. a secret spelled out in smoke.

Caroline Grand-Clement is a seventeen years old, half-time poet, half-time student at an international school in Lyon, France. She dreams of art in any form, falling stars & late night conversations. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Beyond the Shallows, an anthology by L’Ephemere Review, Rose Quartz Journal, and elsewhere. You can find her on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram @octopodeshearts.

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