Joe Andrews

I’m Looking at the Big Sky

Maybe the lesson is to stop coming out / to strangers in the Bodega smoking area / Biology isn’t always good for you / or the way men can put it in their mouths / What if my body is some ready meal / of chromosomes / angry in the microwave / over the places I forgot to pierce with a fork / What if some questions / are rusty nails / and tetanus is just a word / I will have to learn / Do you remember the morning after / the Bodega smoking area / and your head was full of biology / full of X and Y/ and you thought Kate Bush was singing / that cloud / looks like I do / in Tesco / and you wanted to cry / To be able to let the shopping fall / through your hands / like bodies parachuting through clouds 

Joe Andrews is a non-binary poet and maths teacher, living in Nottingham, England. They are currently working on a collection of youth-based workshops to introduce contemporary poetry to teenagers, who otherwise would not have the means to access it. They have also been published in Esthetic Apostle and have work forthcoming in the Bad Betty Press, Alter Ego’s anthology. You may find them on twitter @BigOofAndrews

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