Y-Bình Nguyễn

Y-Bình Nguyễn (she/they) is a proud daughter to American War in Vietnam refugees. She is a descendant from a rural farming community in An Giang, Việt Nam, and currently situated in The City of Immigrants: Lawrence, Massachusetts. She is currently the Literary Curator & Program Director at El Taller, an independent bookstore & café. She is the co-founder of the budding community project Exposed Brick Literary Magazine. Her work has been published in Vănguard, Red Pocket Press, at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial for Black April in 2018, and in Harvard’s Freedom School Magazine. She was recently awarded NESCBWI’s Windows and Mirrors Scholarship and was a finalist for Grub Street’s Emerging Writer Fellowship. Y-Binh’s poetry & prose focuses on the poignant themes of transgenerational trauma & healing, critical compassion, queer coming of age love stories, and visionary fiction. She is a passionate educator with a praxis of communal learning; one of her favorite places in the world to teach and learn is Mamelodi, South Africa. On sunny days, you can find her relearning how to grow food, immersed in works by creatives of color, and figuring out how to be the best role model for her younger sisters (Bao Tran and Nieves).

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